Mysterious Individual?:

In the latter half of December, MX Properties, Inc was contacted via email by an individual whom it did not know or recognize. He may be related to the Carmen De Souza & John Diak conflict, however we do not know. We say that we do not recognize him because he was never identified in either of lawyer Carmen De Souza's letters nor did MX Properties, Inc ever have interaction with this man. 
In his series of emails, this individual made libelous comments regarding MX Properties that were completely false and totally unfounded. This man's statements in his email correspondence were completely without merit and MX officials finds them to be highly inflammatory in nature and very unnecessary. Further, MX utterly refutes the terminology that this man used in his description of the company and strongly points out that it acted in complete and total good faith throughout the inducement / demand period invoked upon it by Carmen De Souza. MX Properties, Inc calls upon this mysterious "gentleman" to immediately refrain from making such comments as he has made matters much worse for the individual parties involved. 

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On 16/11/2016, our company, MX Properties, Inc was presented with a letter written by Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen De Souza. It was addressed to our consultant, Mr John S Diak. In her letter, Ms De Souza induced / made demand upon MX Properties, Inc to pay $11000 USD for "fees" in conjunction with a  non recourse loan. The funds that MX Properties were to receive initially amounted to $5mm EURO. The letter was both specific and vague in that exact payments were clearly spelled out, however, other important elements of the letter were left unspecified, specifically, relating to the mysterious "fees" that MX was ordered to pay for the releases of its funds.

Two days later (November 18, 2016), MX Properties, Inc complied with Carmen De Souza's demand letter and promptly wired $11000 to the coordinates that Ms De Souza provided.  Following the wire of funds from MX. De Souza's inducement letter, she then wrote a followup letter addressed to John S Diak stating that since funds were received, she would order the "bank" to begin the release process of the funds. The date of this letter was also 18/11/2016.

MX Properties, Inc was very comfortable that it would receive its funds now that an attorney  (Carmen De Souza - officer of the court) not only induced / demanded MX to wire the funds but also used urgent words such as "immediately" and phrases such as "the bank has now already the conditions for performing".

After these confirmation letters were written and received, MX was most certainly led to believe that it would in fact be credited with the initial $5mm Euro as clearly stated in Carmen De Souza's letter.  However, after several days passed, and then a week, MX Properties, Inc started to become very suspicious and concerned. Following this heightened level of concern, MX vigorously began to contact Ms De Souza to obtain a status of where it's "immediate" funding stood. For weeks MX attempted to reach Carmen De Souza via email only to be consistently  rebuffed and ignored by Ms De Souza. MX Properties begged and pleaded for Carmen De Souza's help, but she continued to ignore our pleas. 

At this point in time, MX Properties stands at several months since receiving the initial inducement / demand letter from Carmen De Souza.

All we ask from Ms De Souza is that she honor her the commitments made in her letter and ensure that MX is funded "immediately" as it acted in complete good faith.